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Memorial Videos & Memorial Day Videos

Standard Video- $100.00

A video remembrance of the departed, designed to honor the memory of our loved ones.


  1. Memorial Video

  2. Storage of Video on our Server

  3. QR Codes to placard gravestone & anywhere else.

  4. Scanning and remastering of media to be used


  • Fill out our request form (top of page or Click Here) and we send you a link to upload ​Pictures, videos and documents

  • We then process your video and send you another link to download it.

  • Within a week's time you get your optional goods in the mail, including a Vinyl decal with QR code you can placard on gravestone.

**For added cost- we can load your video and pictures on a Digital Picture Frame. And we can also send you your video on a USB device

Memorial Names

Pet Memorials

Standard Video- $65

Video and Pictorial Remembrance of our Pets. Let them live in our memories forever! 

Standard- $65.00


*Memorial Video

*Media Reclamation/Digital Conversion

*Wall Calendar featuring your loved one

Optional- $ Sum of Options

*Digital Picture Frame

*USB Drive

*Additional Digital Conversion Services



Media Reclamation- $20.00 

Conversion of old media to digital

Convert your old pictures and video to digital format 

We provide:

  • TIF/PNG and MP4 formats

  • Preserve your memories

  • VHS / 8mm / Super 8 / Photos and more

  • Color enhancement- bring out the natural elements of the photograph

  • Share your memories on social media

  • Great for Gifts and Dedications

Color Correction_edited_edited.jpg

Dedication Video

Dedication video (short)

Wedding- A five to ten minute dedication video. The bride speaks her story and the groom his. Then how they met and how much they love one another. Put together with pictures and video from the past.

Salient Memory-About 5-25 mins. A fun dedication video. Typically includes short speeches from loved ones speaking of how much they appreciate the subject.

  • Retirement Parties​

  • Anniversaries

  • Christmas/Thanksgiving/Holidays

  • Birthdays

  • Graduation 

  • ...and Much more...

Picking a Christmas Tree_edited.jpg

Professional Biography

Video Autobiography

Your success story for your clients.

Let them know where you came from. 

Perfect for:

  • Building confidence with clients

  • Attracting new customers

  • Waiting room media

  • Marketing & Public Relations

  • Connecting with the community

  • Office Celebrations

  • Anniversaries

Business Meeting_edited.jpg
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